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Edison bullied Tesla

2023-01-23 13:11Physics
Summary: Today is 2023-01-23. Let me talk about Edison's bullying of Tesla. The text will begin right away. Why did Edison persecute Tesla? Not to mention persecution, Tesla began to work for Edison, engage
Today is 2023-01-23. Let me talk about Edison's bullying of Tesla. The text will begin right away. Why did Edison persecute Tesla? Not to mention persecution, Tesla began to work for Edison, engaged in DC motor transformation, Edison promised to give him a high bonus, but after the completion of the project, Edison broke his promise, and then they parted ways. Only later, the two men competed with each other in AC / DC transmission. In the end, Edison lost because Edison insisted on using HVDC. Edison and Tesla had a fight. What's the story between them? The two of them, at first, had a relationship between their superiors and subordinates, and finally because of a sum of money from the achievements of scientific and technological research, the two of them broke up directly, and then there was fierce competition. What is the feud between Tesla and Edison? Some netizens on the Internet said that most of Edison's inventions were plagiarized by Tesla and applied for patents first. For example, the DC generator Tesla invented AC power, while Edison in order to prevent his DC business from being robbed, wantonly suppressed Tesla and even bribed government officials and so on. Genius is made up of 1% inspiration and 99% effort, and real success belongs to those who have 1% inspiration. That 1% is talking about Tesla. 99% is talking about himself. There are many stories about the relationship between the two people online, and Zhihu also has many answers to your question. I believe you will have a judgment after reading it. In addition, on the question of "how to evaluate someone", I always adhere to the two principles of "evaluating according to objective facts" and "no one is perfect". What you see with your own eyes may not be the truth, not to mention what others say. Therefore, it is enough to know that the above two are both great scientists and have made great contributions to the progress of mankind and society. As for the details, is it so important? I believe that if Edison bullied Teslathe above two are still alive, they will certainly not care about some of the problems (if any) between them. Nikolai Tesla (Nikola Tesla, July 10, 1856-January 7, 1943), Serbian-American inventor, physicist, mechanical engineer, and electrical engineer, is considered to be one of the important promoters of the commercialization of electric power, and is best known for presiding over the design of modern AC systems. He has many revolutionary inventions in the field of electromagnetic field, and his related patents and theoretical research work on electromagnetism are the cornerstones of modern wireless communication and radio. Star Map Story | the feud between Tesla and Edison Edison, the great inventor, we are quite familiar with it. In the encyclopedia of his childhood, there was the story of his invention of the electric light. At school, his famous saying "genius is 1% inspiration and 99% sweat" was repeatedly emphasized by the teacher to inspire everyone to study hard. Edison was almost the most familiar scientist most people knew in their childhood (if his popularity ranked second, I can't figure out who came first). While Nikolai Tesla's name is much more minority, it is only when we dig deeply into his story that we suddenly enter a world of great wizards from the "Tesla Coil". The invention of this mysterious figure far beyond the times made him known by the scientific community as "the great man side by side with Leonardo da Vinci", so that after his death, his manuscripts and research materials were listed as top secret by the US government. Tesla devoted all his life to the study of "providing inexhaustible free energy for mankind", and there are many interesting and mysterious experiments circulating in the community. When you get to know Tesla, the view of most people is that Tesla is the great inventor and Edison is more like an entrepreneur. Tesla was born nine years later than Edison. When Tesla first went to the United States in obscurity, Edison was already famous and established the American Electric Company, which had branches in several countries. With admiration for Edison, Tesla entered Edison's company and became his assistant. At this time, Edison's direct current has entered the market, and Tesla has always thought that AC power is the trend. Tesla proposed to Edison more than once to build an alternator to make up for the defects in DC transmission, but Edison strongly opposed it, and the Edison bullied Teslatwo men began a lifetime of confrontation and competition. The love and hatred between Tesla and Edison is also a portrayal of the other side of the electrical war in the 20th century. Imagine a group of trains going back and forth to the same destination, one from Beijing to Shanghai and the other from Shanghai to Beijing. The two trains travel the same route and pass through the same scenery, except that their starting point and end point are diametrically opposite. They have a lot in common, but they can't go together. They encounter similar scenery on the way, but they have to drive to each other's starting point. The journey of life is like a train, with a starting point and the ultimate desEdison bullied Teslatination of the meaning of this life. Everyone is on a different track, enjoying the sceneEdison bullied Teslary outside the window and meeting different people and things during the journey. As a result, we may also meet people who are on the same track but in the opposite direction as the train to each other's starting point. When we meet this person, we have the opportunity to learn from each other. As the saying goes, "beating is dear, scolding is love", and "hate to the depths is love". The more similar it is, it causes strong emotional resonance, no matter what kind of strong emotion it is. Tesla and Edison are such a group of trains going in the opposite direction. & # 160; Journey of Life-the intersection of the moon on our star map, the intersection of the moon is the train that marks the coming and going of life, the manifestation of the meaning of life, and the outline of the story of life. The south intersection is the talent, advantage and stubborn old habits that we inherit and acquire, while the north intersection is our strange land, the source of potential and sense of achievement to be explored. With the help of talent and advantages, moving towards a direction that makes us feel satisfied, the details of the life story slowly unfold around the intersection of the moon, which is why the intersection of the moon is so important. The distance between the north and south intersection is 180 (6 constellations). For example, the two ends of Libra, such as Yin and Yang, come and go in such a different direction, but "you have me in you, I have you in you", there is tension conflict and mutual integration and transformation. We tend to be stubborn when we can give full play to our advantages in the safe zone (south intersection), and we can vaguely feel potential and strength when we worry about the unknown and clumsy efforts in the achievement area (north intersection). Do not give up the advantage, consciously develop the potential, this is the meaning of the life script. Tesla and Edison, enemies of Aries / Libra, the intersection of the moon is at 20 of Aries / Libra, but their north-south intersection is just the opposite. Edison's south intersection is in Aries and the north intersection is Libra, while Tesla's south intersection is Libra and the north intersection is Aries. The same axis, the same degree, the opposite direction, competing in the same field of science at the same time, it can be said that the fate of the two is very deep. The life story development of Tesla and Edison is closely intertwined with each other. This world-famous life contest cannot be said to be inevitable from their star map, but it is absolutely of great significance, both for their individuals and for the electrical development of the world as a whole. At one end of the axis is Aries, an energy prototype that focuses on survival, meets one's own needs, and charges independently. "do it now" is the motto, go ahead without fear of difficulties, it is the best spokesman for warriors, pioneers and founders. Aries is like a galloping Mustang, but also a ram ready to attack, it is full of vitality and aggressive impulse, compared with "cooperation", Aries prefers to fight alone and is a powerful pioneering force. Aries, on the other hand, is self-centered and ignores the affairs of others. Driven by survival instincts, Aries shows aggressive, ferocious and reckless behavior, which, if extreme, makes people feel rough, brutal, narrow-minded and arrogant. In the Aries concept, "I am the world, this is the moment." At the other end of the axis is Libra, an energy prototype that emphasizes harmony, balance, equality and beauty, and pays great attention to various forms of partnership. It can be said that "relationship" is the primary need of Libra. Therefore, Libra energy shows a kind, friendly and sociable personality. With good etiquette and elegant behavior, Libra is a cooperative sign, and because it is good at dealing with relationship issues and is a born diplomat, Libra has the ability to compromise, be fair and adapt. Libras focus on relationships, so they tend to focus on others and are so submissive that they ignore their own needs. Too much pursuit of peace can easily inspire the selfish behavior of others, while you become an over-dependent party. & # 160; Aries is me and Libra is
Edison bullied Tesla

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