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How many satellites does the American Star chain plan?

2023-01-23 13:05Physics
Summary: This article tells you about the corresponding knowledge points of how many satellites in the American Star chain program. I hope it will be helpful to you. Here is a formal explanation! How many star
This article tells you about the corresponding knowledge points of how many satellites in the American Star chain program. I hope it will be helpful to you. Here is a formal explanation! How many stars have been in the sky in the Star chain Project? Star chain program has the number of satellites: more than 1500 star chain (Starlink), is a project of the United States Space Exploration Technology Company. SpaceX plans to build a "star chain" network of about 12000 satellites in space between 2019 and 2024 to provide Internet services, of which 1584 will be deployed in low-Earth orbit 550km above Earth and will begin work in 2020. If all goes well, Star chain can provide low-cost Internet connection services around the world. Star chain program controversy: 1. Pollution dispute Star chain on June 8, 2019, the American Astronomical Society issued a statement in response to the problem that the American Space Exploration Technology Company's "Star chain" satellite may "pollute" the starry sky and affect astronomical observations. it is assessing the relevant impact and hopes that all parties will work together to correctly assess the risks and identify appropriate mitigation measures. 2, outage accident: star chain on August 25th, 2021, it is reported that the "Starlink" satellite Internet service of SpaceX, an American space exploration technology company, has experienced an outage in 18 states of the United States and many regions around the world. Reports of the service's outage first appeared on social media platforms such as Twitter, which was also confirmed by many early users. It is uncertain whether the outage was caused by planned or unplanned factors, but as the star chain network is still in the testing stage, such a problem may be inevitable. SpaceX, which is running the world's largest satellite Internet service, is often subject to restrictions on how long it will take for newly launched satellites to become operational, unable to bring more satellites online as quickly as early users of its and beta versions had hoped. 3. Collision risk: star chain International on September 2, 2019, the ESA "Fengshen" meteorological satellite and the space exploration technology company "Star chain 44" satellite nearly collided. The European Space Agency has taken an emergency orbit change operation on a satellite to avoid a possible "space traffic accident". The United States is going to launch 42000 satellites into space? What is the purpose of Musk's Star chain Project? Baidu. The Star Alliance program is a plan announced by Musk, founder of SpaceX in the United States in 2015. Tens of thousands of satellites will form a huge space constellation to provide satellite Internet access to users around the world. By May 18, 2022, SpaceX has launched about 1900 satellites, and the final number of satellites may be as high as 42000. In view of the current international situation, some experts think that this plan is sinister. 42000 satellites will form a huge global satellite communication network, no matter where the user is on earth, as long as they bring a special receiver to communicate witHow many satellites does the American Star chain plan?h the satellites in space in real time and enjoy the satellite Internet connection. But these 42000 satellites may also be used by the US military. 42000 star chain satellites will provide a powerful communication network for the United States. compared with military communication satellites, star chain satellites have the characteristics of smaller size, larger number, and are not easy to be destroyed in wartime, and will become a powerful force for the US military in wartime. If these 42000 satellites carry small high-definition cameras, then these 42000 satellites will observe the situation in various countries on the earth, threatening the security of all countries. Even without taking into account the threat posed to countries by Musk's cooperation with the US military, a large number of satellites launched into space may cause collisions with spacecraft of other countries. Joseph Ashbacher, director of the European Space Agency, once said that the "chain" satellite might crowd out other spacecraft and accused Musk of not "making rules." It is reported that the average orbital height of the satellite launched by the "Star chain" is 555 km, that of the International Space Station is about 400 km, and that of China's Tiangong Space Station is about 400-450 km. Although Musk said that the "star chain" satellites are equipped with automatic orbit transfer function to avoid collisions, there are so many "star chain" satellites that it is inevitable that the system will malfunction. If this happens, it is very likely to hit the International Space Station of other countries. This almost happened in our country, when Musk's "Star chain" planned to launch a satellite that almost crashed into China's Tiangong space station twice. At present, the measure taken by various countries to Musk's "star chain" plan is to establish their own superstar chain plan. It is reported that China has put forward the "Hongyun Project Plan". In this plan, China intends to use 156 satellites to establish its own star chain to provide satellite Internet connections and 6G signals to Chinese users. The United States has 143 stars with one arrow, and the United States is stepping up its efforts to plunder space resources, and the space competition is becoming more and more fierce. The American Falcon 9 rocket shot 143 stars into space, breaking the record of 104 between India. The United States is stepping up the deployment of the space chain program, from the initial dozens to more than 100 noHow many satellites does the American Star chain plan?w, which shows that the speed of the United States is getting faster and faster. The United States' star chain plan is to launch more than 40,000 satellites in space, because of the unique role of satellites, which will undoubtedly stimulateHow many satellites does the American Star chain plan? countries all over the world, and the competition in space is getting bigger and bigger. At present, the rules for the allocation of space orbital resources are those that preempt them first. this is the rule established by the United States for the allocation of space orbital resources. at that time, the United States had a strong ability to occur and thought that no country could compete with it to win, so there are rules that are beneficial to the United States. Although space is vast, there are few good orbital resources, and most of the high-quality orbital resources are occupied by the United States. At present, the countries that have the ability to use rockets to generate satellites are the United States, Russia, China, India, Europe and Japan. China's rocket technology is also relatively mature, and its technology level is among the top in the world. China's record of multiple stars with one arrow was set by the Great Wall 6 rocket in 2015, when it successfully launched 20 satellites into space at a time. In terms of space technology, there is still a large gap between China and the United States. Now the United States has been able to achieve rocket recycling in terms of satellite generation. One background of the United States' development of the star chain program is that the United States lags behind China in the field of 5G and wants to achieve 6G development through the star chain satellite program. The United States has acted aggressively in space, and China, as a leader of developing countries, is bound to rise to the challenge. At present, a batch satellite production line has been built in China, which has laid the foundation for the development of China's star chain plan. Indeed, China declared a large number of tracks and frequencies last year, with a total of more than 12000, which is bound to be a key project under the leadership of the state. Musk Star chain Project: not only a business plan, but also more useful! After all, Musk, the Twitter talent, has been calm lately, and there are no hot comments. Recently, however, Musk quietly announced that satellites planned for the chain would continue to be launched this year. In fact, 49 satellite chains were launched by the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on January 19, 2022. Since Musk launched the star chain program in 2015, 2000 star chain satellites have been launched, of which 1469 are in operation. Musk says there will be another 60 launches in 2022, with more than 4200 chain satellites in operation within 18 months. The chain originally planned to launch a total of 12000 satellites by 2025, but increased to 42000 by 2020. The current star chain satellite is already in operation and has 250000 users. During the recent Russian-Ukrainian crisis, Star chain satellites also successfully provided communication services to Ukraine. On the whole, it is only a matter of time before the Star chain project succeeds. The cost of the star chain satellite is about $3000, and it takes an investment of about $40 billion to $50 billion to complete the implementation, which is no problem for Musk, who is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Just like Musk's Tesla and SpaceX rockets, yoHow many satellites does the American Star chain plan?u have to accept Musk's creativity and execution. But the Star chain project is unsettling. Star chain satellites operate in low-Earth orbit and generally operate at an altitude of 330-550 km. Such a dense satellite in low-orbit orbit will inevitably lead to proximity or collision events. At present, there are only 2000 satellites, and about 1600 approaching events are produced every week. If the number is to reach 42000, then there will be approaching events in space all the time. Not only the star chain satellite itself will approach, but it will also approach the spacecraft of other countries. In 2021, the star chain satellite was close to China's sky spacecraft, in fact, it was also close to the European Aeolus spacecraft earlier. [if! supportLists] II. Space junk generated by [endif] chain satellites. At present, more than 2000 star chain satellites have been launched, but only 1469 can operate. More than 1469 satellites are actually in free transportation.
How many satellites does the American Star chain plan?

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